While I was on my vacation in Italy a few years back, I recall a conversation that I will never forget. As I was starring at the ceiling of the Sistine chapel I said out loud “this is the most beautiful place in the world?. A gentleman next exclaimed “then you must have never been to Guatemala?? I took more offense to this comment more than I should because I am Guatemalan, I mean yes I was born in America, have a Mexican mother, but still consider myself Guatemalan. I guess it is true that we are our father’s seed.

You may ask why I took more of an offense. Reason is at that point I had never been to Guate, as the conversation got more in depth with this gentleman he helped me understand that the most beautiful things in the world are those that were made naturally by God. Many people can make a beautiful painting, build a nice car, building, etc. But raw natural beauty is in a class of its own. No surprise to how Guatemala is often referred to Guatelinda.

Daniel A. Contreras